Friday, 26 August 2011

Chapter 1: Taiwan 台湾 || 花莲 Hua Lian

My long-waited holiday, since 2010 and here I come, Taiwan!!! Traveling on our own was lots of fun with all the unknown though sometimes it can be quite scary. However, with the spirit of adventure, we got to explore taiwan in our very own style. We like Taiwan, we love Taiwan and sure will be back one day to explore more!!! 

30/07/2011 12am : Taking flight to taiwan at 6am in the morning, waiting, waiting and waiting ......
30/07/2011 9am : Finally...... Tao Yuan airport
Welcome to Taiwan! YIPeeeee......

30/07/2011 10am : Yeah... on the public bus to Taipei train station.

30/07/2011 11am : Arrived Taipei train station successfully.
30/07/2011 11.15am : We were lost!!! don't know which train to take, don't know what ticket to buy......
30/07/2011 11.45pm : With the kindness of the taiwanese, we found the platform. 

30/07/2011 12pm : On the train to 花莲 hualian!!!

30/07/2011 3.45pm : After nearly 4 hours of travel, here we are - hualian. However, the weather was not too sunny...

The first night marker - 自强夜市 that we went. This is the first BBQ store we tried. Waited more than 45 minutes for the food but the people still queuing up.
people mountain people sea

I squeezed and squeezed... finally got my drink
01/08/2011 : First breakfast in Taiwan. yummy yummy...
Our first destination - traditional dessert store......
It was indeed a real cool down by this sugarcane ice after 1 hour of motor bike ride under the cruel sun.
Sugarcane ice + red bean + a ball of yam ice cream!!!

Scenery along the ride
Another small town along our way down to south

Our "小棉羊" that accompanied us for the 3 days trip in hualian. 

Lunch for the day

Still a long way to go......
瑞穗牧场 - The farm
Nothing much, just watching kids having fun with niu niu!!!
Snack time - All made up of milk, milk cheese cake, milk steamed/fried bun, papaya milk tea and the unbelievably good milk ice crea


This is a very beautiful beach - 石梯坪。 Unfortunately, we dare not going down to the beach as it was getting dark and we were still have a long way to go back to hualian town.  

My favourite store in hualian and I miss it so much!!!
guess what, it is a 24 hours operating store.
Very very delicious 小龙包

The dumpling is so good that I have to da bao it before i left hualian to Taipei.
Our beautiful homestay in hualian.

02/08/2011 - A new day with a new itinerary - Taroko National Park 太鲁阁国家公园

This walk trail has the beauty of rocks and water.

The water is so clear that you can see fishes swimming around your feet. 

Dinner time
We were so hungry until we had forgotten to take the pictures and only realizing it afterward.
03/08/2011 : Last day in hualian. Taking opportunity to visit the this place - 七星潭 before we left to Taipei.
Fish mambo

Beautiful beach. But it was too hot that we didn't willing to stroll down to the beach.